The default dashboard page is a Sankey diagram of Top Flow Talkers
The Sankey Diagram of Top Flow Talkers
The Sankey diagram displays hosts currently active on the monitored interface or interface view. Host pairs are joined together by colored bars representing flows. The client host is always placed in the left edge of the bar. Similarly, the server is placed on the right. Bar width is proportional to the amount of traffic exchanged. The wider the bar, the higher the traffic exchanged between the corresponding pair of hosts.
By default, the diagram is updated every 5 seconds. Refresh frequency can be set or disabled from the dropdown menu shown right below the diagram. Host and flow information shown in the Sankey is interactive. Indeed, both host names (IP addresses) as well as flows are clickable.
Diagram Refresh Settings
A double-click on any host name redirects the user the ‘Host Details’ page, that contains a great deal of host-related information. This page will be discussed later in the manual.
Similarly, a double-click on any bar representing a flow redirects the user to the ‘Hosts Comparison’ page. Hosts can be pairwise compared in terms of Applications, Layer-4 Protocols, and Ports. A pie chart of exchanged traffic can be shown as well. Below is shown an Application comparison between two hosts. The diagram shows that both hosts on the left have used DNS services (on the right). It is also possible to visually spot behaviors and trends. For example it is possible to see that is much more prone to use Google’s DNS than the other host.
Pairwise Host Comparison
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