Dashboard in the Professional Version
The dashboard in the professional version provides a great deal of information, including realtime traffic - both per monitored interface and per application - top local talkers and top destinations. The dashboard is refreshed dynamically. Tables and charts are kept updated by ntopng. The right part of the dashboard displays realtime and last-day charts of Top Applications and Network Traffic. In case a network interface view is selected, then network traffic is shown on a per physical-interface basis. Items shown in each chart can be dynamically toggled simply by clicking on the corresponding coloured dot in the chart key.
Professional Dashboard
The left part of the dashboard shows tables of realtime Top Local Talkers and Top Remote Destinations, including the amount of traffic exchanged. Top Local Talkers are hosts, belonging to local networks, that are exchanging the highest traffic volumes. Similarly, Top Remote Destinations are hosts, belonging to remote networks, that are currently exchanging the highest traffic volumes. Next to each Actual Traffic value there is an arrow that point up or down that indicates whether the traffic for such host has increased/decreased since the last web page update.
Each host show can be clicked to access its ‘Host Details’ page. Next to a host you can find a badge enclosing a number: it indicates how many virtual HTTP servers the host features.
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