Statistics page provides historical traffic statistics for the selected interface. The user can choose to filter statistics on a protocol basis and display data in several formats (e.g., bytes, packets, flows, and so on). In the Professional Version of ntopng, traffic for interface views in shown as stacked per physical interface. Physical interface visualisation can be toggled by clicking on the coloured dot just left of interface name.
The time series span can be adjusted by selecting values from 5 minutes up to 1 year. Moreover, drill- down is possible by clicking on the time series itself. Every click zooms the chart in, centering the time series around the clicked point.
In addition, time series shown can be chosen via the dropdown menu labelled ‘Time series’. For example, it is possible to visualise all or just one protocol, traffic, packets, active hosts and flows, and so on. Ntopng is VLAN aware, hence if several VLANs are detected, traffic is accounted also on a VLAN basis.
The Dropdown Time Series Menu in the Statistics View of the Interface Details Page
The Statistics View of the Interface Details Page (Professional Version)
Historical interface minute top talkers are shown on the right of the page, and get refreshed automatically when the mouse moves over the chart.
An historical “Flows” tab is present next to the “Chart” when ntopng is started with the -F switch. This historical table shows flows data that have been recorded and dumped during the selected observation period. The Professional/Enterprise version of ntopng also feature two extra tabs, namely, “Talkers” and “Protocols” to drill down historical data by talkers and application protocols.
The Historical Flows Table of the Interface Details Page Statistics View
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