ntopng can keep track of top visited sites for any monitored local host. Enabling the tracking of top visited sites requires preference “Top HTTP Sites” to be set using the ntopng preferences page.
The Preferences Page to Enable Visited Sites
Once the preference has been enabled, this page will start showing visited websites, which are shown over the two most recent 5-minute intevals. Newly visited sites are placed under the “Current Sites”. Every 5 minutes ntopng moves the “Current Sites” under “Last 5 Minute Sites”, and starts over with a clean “Current Sites”.
The Sites View of the Host Details Page
Column “Contacts” count the number of time a particular website has been visited. Every time the host visit a site, the corresponding “Contacts” counter is increased by one.
This page is only available in the Host Details page menu when there is at least one visited website.
Last modified 2yr ago
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