Activity report
In the enterprise version of ntopng it’s also possible to get a detailed tabular report of a single host, interface or network traffic over a specific time frame.
Host Activity Report
The report is currently not available when using InfluxDB as the timeseries driver.
The report provides daily, weekly and monthly details on the total traffic made by the entity (host in this case) and the total duration the host has been active on the network. It also provides the previous period data as long as comparison columns to easily analyze the difference between the two periods.
Via the date picker at the top of the chart it’s possible to easily jump to another period. The right and left arrows provide a convenient way to jump to the next and previous period respectively. Via the “Today” button it’s possible to jump to the current day view, which show the traffic entity during the different hours of the day.
The report is based on the timeseries data. It is necessary to enable the traffic timeseries in order to display it.
Last modified 1yr ago
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