The settings page allow the configuration of several interface properties.
The Settings View of the Interface Details Page
Custom Name: Is a label used to identify the interface.
Interface Speed: The speed of the interface expressed in Mbps. Typically, ntopng is able to properly determine this speed automatically.
Realtime Stats Refresh Rate: Amount of time between two consecutive refreshes of dashboard and footer charts. Useful for example when using ntopng in combination with nProbe to collect remote NetFlow of sFlow.
Ingress Packets Sampling Rate: Packets arriving on the interface could have been sampled upstream, for example by a packet broker or another device. This setting allows to specify the sampling rate to enable ntopng to perform proper upscaling.
Local Broadcast Domain Hosts Identifier: Determines if Local Broadcast Domain hosts whose IP address is inside a configured DHCP range are serialized by their MAC address or IP address. This setting also applies to the timeseries of the host. In a DHCP network, the IP address of a host usually changes so the host it’s better identified by its MAC address in this case.
Hide from Top Networks: This setting allows to specify a comma-separated list of networks containing hosts that have to be hidden from the top statistics. Hosts belonging to the specified networks will not be shown in the top statistics.
Trigger Interface Alerts: This setting toggles the alert generation of the selected interface. No alert will be generated when this setting is unticked, including alerts associated with hosts, blacklisted flows, and networks.
Create Interface Timeseries: This setting toggles the generation of timeseries for the selected interface. No timeseries will be generated when this setting in unticked, including timeseries associated with local hosts and networks.
Mirrored Traffic: Tick this setting when the interface is receiving traffic from a mirror/SPAN port. Typically, such interfaces does not have any IP address associated. ntopng uses this information to skip certain kind of activities that cannot be performed on mirrored interfaces, including network device discovery and eBPF events processing.
Periodic Interface Network Discovery: This setting toggles ntopng periodic network discovery. Network discovery frequency can be controlled from the preferences and it defaults to 15 minutes.
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