The ‘Flows’ entry in the top toolbar can be selected to visualize realtime traffic information on the currently active flows. A flow can be thought of as a logical, bi-directional communication channel between two hosts. Multiple simultaneous flows can exist between the same pair of hosts.
Active Flows Page
Flows are uniquely identified via a 5-tuple composed of:
  • Source and destination IP address
  • Source and destination port
  • Layer-4 protocol
Each flow is shown as a row entry in the flows table. Flows are sortable by application using the rightmost dropdown menu at the top right edge of the table. Similarly, the other dropdown menu enables the user to choose the number of flows displayed on each page.
Flows have multiple information fields, namely, Application, Layer-4 Protocol, Client and Server hosts, Duration, Client and Server Breakdown, Current Throughput, Total Bytes, and Additional Information. Information fields are briefly discussed below.
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